This Woman Found A Whole-Ass Apartment Behind Her Mirror And I Want My Mommy


Every residence, whether it’s an apartment or bungalow or houseboat, comes with it’s own, erm, surprises. No home is perfect or completely as advertised, unless you’re rich and you’re out here buying places that are actually flawless (in which case, get the hell out of here). When I moved into my apartment the renovations were so new there was still plastic wrap on the appliances and sawdust on the floor where they’d installed the kitchen cabinets, but surprise surprise, there was a hole in one of the baseboards nobody noticed which is how I ended up with three lizards in my living room one morning.

(Terrible houseguests, for what it’s worth. Didn’t even knock and they pooped on the floor.)

Recently I learned that that’s not even close to the worst hidden features one could find in their apartment, after I watched a series of Tik Toks that is now seared into my brain and keeps me up at night.

Samantha Hartsoe is a 26-year-old living in New York City, and while we’ve all heard the truly nightmarish tales of New York City apartments, this one takes the cake. In her four-part Tik Tok saga, she explains how she noticed that her bathroom was abnormally cold, and after looking around she realized that there was a draft — coming from the mirror.

Watch part one below

So, she did what any of us would do and took the mirror down... revealing a gaping hole in the wall that led to an entire other fucking room.

Nope! No thank you! Nuh-uh!

After making this extremely creepy discovery, Hartsoe invited a couple friends over to see for themselves, and I’m assuming also so that she wouldn’t be the only one in the apartment and if a monster crawled out of the mystery hole behind her bathroom mirror then at least people would be around to witness.

Part 2

Then, I gotta say, Hartsoe makes some decisions that I do not agree with. First, she decides she’s going to go inside the mystery bathroom wall hole to investigate.

Okay, anyone who has seen a single horror movie can tell you that rule number one is DO NOT GO INTO THE WEIRD HIDDEN ROOM.

Part 3

After clambering through what we can all confidently assume is an opening to the lair of some sort of dark magic death cult with nothing but a hammer in her hand and a flashlight strapped to her head — AND NARY A SPARE BATTERY, I MIGHT ADD. COME ON, SAMANTHA. HORROR MOVIE SURVIVAL 101 HERE — she makes an even more horrifying discovery. The massive friggin’ hole behind her bathroom mirror nobody thought to tell her about doesn’t just lead to a room, it leads to an entire other empty apartment.



She ends this terrifying saga by laughing into her bathroom mirror and saying her landlord is going to get “a really fun call tomorrow”, which is a way, WAY more relaxed response than this situation warrants. But, knowing NYC, it’s honestly kind of a miracle that her landlord wasn’t charging double the rent for the deeply haunted apartment of horrors tucked away behind her mirror.

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