Ryan Reynolds Finally Watched ‘Green Lantern’ And Live-Tweeted His Reactions

He’s a hero for even embarking on this journey

If you ask anyone, “Hey, do you remember Green Lantern from 2011?” There are only two possible answers, “No,” or, “Ugh, unfortunately.” We’ve all got our own share of mistakes. For the entire cast of Cats (2020) it was Cats (2020), for Ryan Reynolds it was Green Lantern. In fact, the film was so profoundly bad and impacted so many people because of how bad it was that during the credits of Deadpool 2, Ryan Reynolds (as Deadpool) goes back in time to 2011 and shoots himself in the head so that the movie is never made.

Apparently, Ryan Reynolds had never even seen the movie, which I’m certainly not going to fault him for. But on St. Patrick’s Day this year, he finally decided to bite the bullet and watch it for the first time.

After informing fans on Twitter that he was about to take the plunge —and making himself a stiff drink to get through the movie— he live tweeted his entire experience, which was way more fun to witness than Green Lantern itself. (But, honestly, it doesn’t take much.)

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