This TikToker Turned Her Sleepwalking “Issue” Into A Viral Series & It’s SO GOOD I *Almost* Can’t Believe It Isn’t Scripted

This sleepwalker is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs (also - this series has over 530M views )

The idea of sleepwalking sounded terrifying...

... until TikTok creator, Celina Myers, set up cameras inside (and outside) of her home to capture her out-of-control (and now insanely viral) sleepwalking adventures.

When she held her chest and said “womp”... I felt that. I feel like anyone with a chest has done this at least once.

For the sake of our entertainment, Celina has been intentionally triggering her sleepwalking by eating chocolate or cheese before bed (but for safety reasons, she has her husband Adam stay up and supervise her sleepy shenanigans). Celina, if no one has said this to you, please know: you are a hero. We appreciate your sacrifice and bravery.


This was taken from 2 hours of footage. Adam is a real trooper

♬ original sound - Celinaspookyboo

Bless you Adam for chasing after Celina when she sleepwalked outside and corralling her back into the house...

The sleepwalking journey started when Celina posted a video of herself after she had sleepwalked out of her hotel room and woke up naked and locked out of her room (whoopsies!). After the video’s intense virality (collectively the series has over 530 million views), she made the ✨correct✨ decision to start capturing and sharing her sleepwalking shenanigans.


I just want to pay respect to the sleepwalking video that started it all for you

♬ original sound - Celinaspookyboo

Outside of her sleepwalking adventures, Celina is an immensely creative comedy content creator with over 10M followers, a 3-times published paranormal author AND has her own cosmetics line Beauty X Boo.

Honestly, knowing she does all that - I don’t know HOW she has time to sleep, but I’m so glad she does... otherwise we wouldn’t be able to enjoy this beautiful sleepwalking journey.


I remember dreaming about a pool party

♬ original sound - Celinaspookyboo

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