This Cat Is Doing His Best, Ok

In some ways, I think we’re all a cat with water running over its head licking the air

Listen. The pandemic has been hard on everyone, and we’ve all been coping in different ways. Probably somewhere around 30% of Americans have become addicted to baking sourdough bread, I’ve become way too emotionally invested in the lives of the birds that come to my bird feeder and a lot more lenient about the definition of “clean” laundry, and the other day I saw a guy drop his keys twice in a row on the sidewalk and scream “FUUUUUUCK”.

We’re all going through it, and I’m not an expert but who am I to not extend that sentiment to involve our pets? I know for a fact my dog is tired of staring at my face all the time, based on how much time he spends actively not looking at me and instead staring out the window now. And I can only imagine this much time forced inside with their humans has made the cats of the world more than a little crazy.

So who am I to judge this cat who is zoned the hell out as he “drinks” water?

Sure, he’s not drinking the water, but he seems content enough.

No drinks, only vibes.

Is he an idiot as his human claims? That’s definitely a possibility. But my brain has also been reduced to, like, three cells max over the last year, so I ask you: who amongst us is NOT an idiot? Something to ponder.

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