Millennials Are On TikTok... And They Haven’t Ruined it!?

Millennials are notoriously good at ruining things, but Gen Y creators like Rod are helping TikTok connect to an even bigger audience AND further validate the Gen Z experience

Millennials have ruined the housing market, department stores, chain restaurants, and many other industries, and now, they’ve joined TikTok - but surprisingly, they haven’t ruined it. In fact, they’ve actually made it... better?

This is AWESOME because I have (finally) been able to send my co-workers TikToks that they actually relate to. Not only has this content gotten my older more mature friends and colleagues to download the app, but they’re starting to ACTUALLY send TikToks back to me. I FINALLY DON’T FEEL SO ALONE WITH MY LOVE FOR THE APP!! AHHH THE VINDICATION!!

Rod is one of my current favorite go-to Millennial accounts because watching his TikToks will give you an instant serotonin boost: he showcases the nuances of the Millenial experience in an honest yet funny way that both celebrates the media that shaped Gen Y and allows us to better understand what it is like to be a Millenial.

PLUS - his content is relatable to Millennials WITHOUT being condescending to Gen Z or dismissive of Gen X, which may help us avoid a generational war where we tear each other down for our generational flaws instead of building each other up for what we can do to contribute to a better tomorrow.

Rod has helped us ✨decode✨ corporate lingo


The last one is IMPORTANT. Am I missing any others? #work #workfromhome #office #corporate #workdistractions

♬ original sound - Rod

*This TikTok has personally helped me realize I have been awkward in multiple business meetings. This revelation both made me a better person while also destroying my self-perception.

-and has given us a peek into the life of an average Millenial:

Is this the reason Millennials can’t unwind on weekends without getting anxious about the impending work week? Is it due to being trapped in a corporate-run, capitalist country that has taught us to only value ourselves based on our productivity? Perhaps it’s the fact that the only relief we get from work is the occasional three-day weekend and (if you’re lucky!) two weeks of vacation every year? Hm... I’m starting to see why one in five Americans will experience mental illness in a given year.

-while also revealing the small ways Millennials ✨take back the power✨ when work tries to impede on Gen Y’s precious free time.

You may have us locked into archaic 40-hour workweeks that have been PROVEN to make employees less productive but Gen Y will flex their rebellion by logging off a few minutes prior to their shift ending. Take THAT corporate America!!

Many of Rod’s sketches involve framing the Millennial experience around popular 90s content:


#stitch with @mattsau from the ashes we rise with Shania #millennial #corporate #fyp

♬ original sound - Rod

His virality has proven that there is no greater love than the love between Millennials’ and the content created during their younger years

Does anyone know what this song is about? No. But as Will Ferrell said, “nobody knows what it means, but it’s provocative. It gets the people GOING!”

and no bigger heartbreak than when we see what was once cutting-edge technology becomes completely aesthetic, useless, and laughable:

I once had a kid ask me why we say “hang up” the phone, and that’s when I realized there are people who exist who will never experience “hanging up” a landline wall phone. Wild.

HOWEVER, though Millennial content cannot live on forever, Rod is helping keep these Gen Y classics alive by giving impeccable casting suggestions so that when Hollywood inevitably remakes the film - they don’t f*ck it up:


recasting Millennial movies. Plz let me know if you have other thoughts #millennial #greenscreen

♬ original sound - Rod

Awkwafina as the star of a reimagined Miss Congeniality!? HECK YEAH!!

Though Rod’s rise to fame on TikTok is due to his relentless love for all things Millennial, he isn’t living in the past - he’s also passionate about Gen Z pop culture and drama:

If you have no idea what Rod is talking about - it’s fine: just listen to Diver’s License by Olivia Rodrigo, then listen to Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin, and then come back to this video and you’ll understand his completely justified ✨fury✨

He uses his passion to keep Millennials (and any generation that’ll listen) informed on what’s going on with Gen Z and how it parallels with Millennial pop culture:


Reply to @picappella we need to be done with this. I have an actual job #work #millennial #workfromhome #workdistractions

♬ original sound - Rod

Do we care about Gen Z celebrity drama? Um... sometimes: it depends how hard the drama slaps. But is it important for us to understand how it resonates with millions of young people? Um, duh.

Just because Gen Z is young doesn't mean we should be dismissive of their feelings. Look what happened when we dismissed Millennials' feelings - they’re all in therapy now (and if they’re not, they probably should be lol).

Rod - you’re incredible: your viral comedy is intensely relatable to an entire generation, and you’re using your influence to create a deeper connection among the generations. Not all heroes wear capes, but all heroes use their talents for the greater good.

Your content has already been featured all over the Internet (Betches, Barstool, Elite Daily, US Weekly, E! News, etc) and you’re JUST getting started. We can’t wait to see what comes next for you.

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