Man Befriends Toad, Makes Tiny Hats For Him

Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

Subsequently makes my entire day

Originally published August 28, 2019

One thing that everyone on this earth knows to be true, regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak, is that small things are adorable. Specifically, miniature versions of things that are usually people-sized. That’s why Converse or Timberland boots for babies are so goddamn cute, they’re like regular shoes!! But small!!!! That’s also why things like “Tiny Kitchen” exist and do so well, because we just really love miniature stuff.

You know what else we love? Animals in human clothes. Seeing a French bulldog in a yellow raincoat tickles us just as much as seeing a bird bath shaped like a vintage-style bathtub with a tiny rubber duck.

So what do you get when you combine absurdly miniature things with animals in human clothes?

Joy. Pure, unadulterated joy.

Chris Newsome is a savvy imgur user and also my new favorite person. I’m not sure where he’s from, but wherever it is there are toads, and this one in particular liked to hang out on Chris’ porch.

 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome
Look at that chunky lil guy.

One day Chris looked at this toad and decided “he needed a hat,” so he gathered some crafting materials and whipped up the resident toad a stylish little chapeau.

 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

And y’know what?

He was right.

The toad absolutely needed a hat.


Since this toad appeared to not only love his new pink hat but also rocked the shit out of it, Chris realized he couldn’t simply stop there. This top hat was all well and good — for an average toad. But not for an incredibly fancy, high-end toad, as we know this one is.

So he made some adjustments.

 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

Oh he is beyond ready to stroll through town with his betrothed, laughing about the poor and other such rich toad things.

And I am absolutely thrilled to say that it does not end there. This is a toad of many hats.

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Major pond-cred.
 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

Like a rhinestone cow-toad

 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

Croak-odile Dundee.

 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

A fez, from his time abroad.

He’s so sophistica-toad.
 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

Working class, blue collar (green collar?) toad.

He definitely looks like a site manager who doesn’t take any bull(frog).
 Courtesy of imgur / Chris Newsome

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