Lawyer Accidentally Turns Cat Filter On During Virtual Court

Personally I would love to be represented by a cat

You’d think that after almost a full year under coronavirus lockdowns (dear GOD) we’d have all become pretty used to the pandemic changes and “new normals”, yet here I am still walking all the way to the grocery store entrance before I realize I’ve forgotten my mask and panicking during Zoom meetings because it’s my turn to talk and I can’t find the unmute button. Fortunately for me and anyone else who’s still struggling with the basic functions of virtual meetings, we’re not alone.

In Texas this week, attorney Rod Ponton attended virtual proceedings via Zoom as a cat.

A first for not only the Texas Judicial Courts, but likely in any American court. Virtual or otherwise.

When the proceedings commenced, the presiding Judge Roy Ferguson quickly noticed that one of the attending lawyers, Mr. Ponton, had accidentally turned on a filter that turned him into a kitten that, while adorable, definitely does not look qualified to practice law. Ponton explained through the tiny kitten mouth on-screen that he and his assistant were trying to fix the issue and noted that “I am not a cat”, which I hope was included in the official transcript.

I don’t know which is better, Cat Lawyer or Potato Boss, but what I do know is whoever created filters for virtual meetings and made them so damn hard to disable deserves a raise.

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