Genius Kid Avoids Classwork By Changing His Screen Name To “Reconnecting”

Bloomberg via Getty Images

This is what it means to adapt and overcome

Trying to adjust to either mostly or entirely virtual schooling in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly proved many challenges for both educators and students, and my hat is off to all of them. I can’t even imagine how difficult and strange it must be getting used to delivering lessons via Zoom, or only seeing your classmates through a screen. However virtual school has also presented unique opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available. For example, I bet the ability to mute your class at will is a bit of a godsend, and apparently students have figured out how to use these new circumstances to their advantage as well.

First there was “the dog ate my homework” then there was “oh, I emailed you my assignment but I guess it didn’t go through” and now is the age of connectivity issues.

Twitter user Chris Arnold recently shared that his wife is a teacher and one of her students has found a damn near foolproof way to get out of answering questions when called on— by changing his screen name to “Reconnecting”.

Alright. Regardless of how you feel about this cheeky tactic we’ve all gotta admit that this is pretty brilliant, and if history has taught us anything, this kid is going places.

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