The Only Thing Better Than Today’s Inauguration Are These 5 TikToks ABOUT The Inauguration

While history was being made - dank content was being created.


Today has been a ✨beautiful ✨day: our country woke up and was serenaded by Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez. THEN it finally happened: Joe Biden became our President and Kamala Harris became the first female, Black, and South Asian Vice President (!!!).

The speeches were eloquent, thoughtful, and inspiring... which should’ve been standard at this point, but after four years of sloppy speeches from a fascist, gaslighting, violence-invoking politician former president Donald Trump - these speeches were a hopeful foreshadowing of us being able to (finally) start making America the united country that it always had the potential to be.

And while history was being made - dank content was being created. These are five of the funniest TikToks we found responding to this historical moment:

1. When we all realized Trump was officially out of office, there was definitely a national GLOBAL sigh of relief

Did you feel lighter today? I did. Everyone did. Why? I dunno - maybe it was because we could all collectively unclench our bodies as we watched a fascist regime being removed from power and democracy being restored? That might have been it.

2. We FINALLY got to be brutally honest about how happy we were that Trump was officially out of the White House

Sure, this video is a bit crude - but so is an administration that allowed over 400,000 U.S. citizens to die from a preventable disease. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

3. Amanda Gorman’s inauguration speech was perfect... but thanks to the internet (specifically Boman Martinez-Reid), we get to see what that speech would’ve been like if Gen Z had been allowed to ✨go off

“The first thing we need to get rid of? WHITE PEOPLE!”


I mean... he’s not wrong. If white people sat out for a few rounds and just like... did a lot of listening, it’d probably do the world a whole lot of good.

4. Yes - things are going to get better... but unfortunately, there’s A LOT of work to be done (but we’re down to do it!!)

Just because we have a promising administration, that doesn’t mean things are ✨magically✨going to get better. Even though we voted Trump out and flipped the Senate, we gotta keep an eye on the people we put into power and make sure that they actually make the changes we need to make this country a livable, united place for everyone who lives here (and not just for rich white people).


After the Inauguration, we all collectively agreed that nothing else was getting done today, right?

Honestly, it’s a miracle that this article got written. Once this goes live, I’m logging off and getting stoned (and am probably going to re-watch the Inauguration speeches and cry).

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