The Grinch Surprised This Girl’s Holiday Photo Shoot And The Pictures Are Hilarious

Courtesy of Shemika Ales

Merry Christmas to Shemika and her family, and thank you for sharing the gift of these hilarious photos with the world

The holiday season brings with it many different traditions. Some people decorate, some make grand meals, personally I mark this time of year by drinking at breakfast and waiting for my relatives to comment on how much weight I’ve lost or gained. But no matter how you celebrate this season, one thing that unites many people across this country and beyond is the All-Important Holiday Photo Shoot.

Listen. You’re either someone who goes all out for holiday photos or you don’t do them at all. In my experience, there is no in-between. And, honestly, hats off to those in the Holiday Photo camp. I, like a lot of people, don’t have near that kind of organizational skill or dedication. But even though those brave, tenacious souls who gather their families, however big or small, together for the annual holiday photo more often than not have everything planned down to the smallest detail, that doesn’t mean that things always go according to plan.

The photo shoot, for example, could accidentally scare the everloving shit out of your child.

Shemika Ales, a mother from Mississippi, wanted to relish in the holiday spirit with her family by commemorating the season with some super cute photos. For part of this photo shoot, her daughter, adorned in the most goddamn adorable candy-striped outfit you’ve ever seen and red bow in her hair, sat upon a pink couch with Christmas decorations and fluffy pillows — oh, and the Grinch.

It’s safe to say that an appearance from the guy who stole Christmas wasn’t cleared with Ales’ daughter, because her reaction was... well, pretty telling.

 Courtesy of Shemika Ales

So, okay, she might not have been too stoked about how these photos were taken in the moment, but the absolute best gift for your future self when you’re young is great pictures to look back on, and as Shemika said in her Facebook post, “She will laugh at these when she gets older!”

Plus, for what it’s worth, these blow any mall Santa photo ever taken right out of the water.

 Courtesy of Shemika Ales
 Courtesy of Shemika Ales
 Courtesy of Shemika Ales

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