The Battle of the Barkowskis: The Greatest Deer Pong Game Ever Played

The story that proves just when you think you’re out of the game, there’s always another round.

The Rumble in the Jungle. The Ice Bowl. The Immaculate Reception. And now, The Last Deer Pong Shot.

All of these iconic moments in sports history are of equal importance and notoriety, but Funny Or Die has only chronicled one of them for posterity. (The Deer Pong one, just to be clear).

Every game is greatest, challenging, and transformative, but none more so than on the night the Barkowskis played. The family is relatively new to the Deer Pong circuit, but that doesn’t mean their game won’t move you to tears, or make you laugh (provided Bucky the Deer is switched into joke mode).

This holiday season, give the gift of Deer Pong and buy now!

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