Someone Made A Gingerbread Xenomorph, And Also Won Christmas

In space, no one can hear you carol

Originally published 3 December 2019

There are many things to love about the holiday season, and usually the first items on that list that come to mind are fun decorations and delicious food that is terrible for you. My personal favorite is when you bring them both together. That’s right — I’m talkin’ gingerbread houses. There are few activities that generate the same pure, unadulterated joy as trying to hold walls of gingerbread that are more like concrete and less like cookies, using literally the worst icing on earth which you squeezed from a bag that you cut wayyyyyy too big a hole in. Making gingerbread houses is something that everyone starts out extremely bad at and nobody really ever gets better, which is something we all have in common, and that’s kind of beautiful when you think about it. It’s nice to all suck together.

Well, not all of us struggle with gingerbread construction. Some people are actually insanely good at it apparently. People like Caroline Eriksson, a cake designer from Norway who has more talent in her pinky nail than I do in both my icing and crumb covered hands.

Using home-baked custom pieces of gingerbread, Caroline created the magnum opus of holiday food decor...

She made a goddamn xenomorph.

 Instagram/Caroline Eriksson
What the hell

After creating the inner skeleton, Caroline glued the gingerbread pieces she baked onto it using melted sugar — and my takeaway from this is the icing that comes with gingerbread houses does, in fact, totally suck.

I mean, there’s really nothing else to say besides, “Holy SHIT,” but if I had one criticism it would be that it definitely needs some more Jujubes.

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