Best Of The Web Nominees Vol. 5

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We receive tons of submissions every day from the community of comedy creators across the world. We review as many as we can, and are very excited to start featuring some of our favorites as Best Of The Web Nominees for YOU, the audience (hi), to vote on.

The winner will be crowned as a Best Of The Web Audience Pick (we’re extremely creative) and will receive lifelong glory, validation, immortality, fame, etc. etc. etc. But we need your help to make it happen! Vote!

If you think you can do better yourself, or if you want to nominate someone else’s video to be included in a future roundup, you can submit videos here.

These roundups will only feature submissions; if we find other great stuff elsewhere, we’ll write about it elsewhere! We have a whole website, actually. Check it out if you have time!

Here are the Best Of The Web Volume 5 Nominees!

Karen Doll

Karen loves sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong and using her privilege to harass marginalized people!

Created by Kara O’Connor (Twitter / Instagram)

UNBOXING my 1K subscriber plaque! (at gunpoint)

A unique spin on David Fincher’s infamous ‘What’s in the Box’ scene

Created by Tomas Budin (Youtube)


We should treat divorce the same way we treat engagements.

Starring: Natalie Metcalfe (Instagram), Christian Smith (Instagram), Nicole Power & Michael Musi
Written by: Natalie Metcalfe Directed by: Danny Nash (Instagram) & Natalie Metcalfe
Christian & Nat (Facebook / Youtube)

The Christmas Host

Christmas shows up on Covid’s front porch and asks her to calm down.

Written & Performed by Pure & Weary (Site / Instagram)
Shot & Edited by Rob Vornkahl. Sound & Set Design by Danielle Vornkahl

A Wonderful Gift

When Sam, a 9 year old boy notices a lonely homeless man outside his house, he makes it his mission to bring him some Christmas cheer with a wonderful gift.

Created by Alun Rhys Morgan (Instagram)

For Christmas

A special Christmas release from the upcoming MUSICAL comedy web series, THE WORST PEOPLE YOU KNOW! Do you bleach yours as well?

Song written by Kevin Wanzor & Natalie Tenenbaum
Directed by Nick Bernadone
Starring Ann Harada (Avenue Q) & Todd Herman

The Worst People You Know (Instagram / Tik Tok / YouTube)

Loner Rebels

Only room in this 1980’s high school parking lot for one Loner Rebel.

Starring: Justin Miles, Jonathon Pawlowski, Coley Campany
Produced by: Susanna Spiccia
Written and Directed by: Jonathon Pawlowski (YouTube)
Cinematography by: Blake Studwell
Assistant Camera: Christian Gomez Gaffer, Chris Carvajal
Sound Recording and Mixing by: Ed Castro
Color by: Joe Elrom
Original Music: “Put It In The Road, Rico” by Ed Castro, “Hackers” by Karl Casey (Twitter)
Special Thanks to: Dr. D. Jason Hayes, Marietta Alliance Church, Joe Flores, Jim Ikemoto, Padge Mariana Novak, Allison Maier


Faced with the pandemic of 2020, Santa realizes it’s unsafe to go from home to home and decides to take a sabbatical in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Created by Charley Rossman (YouTube)

Cancel Santa

Learning the truth about Santa Claus is tough....especially in 2020.

Created by Dinner for One (Instagram / Twitter / YouTube)

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