Aliens Are Here, And They Just Wanna Be Our Friends

Courtesy of Chris & Jack

Like, they really REALLY want to be our friends

Since the dawn of mankind, we’ve looked to the stars and wondered what’s up there. Or, better yet, who is up there. In hopes of someday finding answers, the space probe Voyager 1 was sent out into deep space in 1977, carrying with it a time capsule full of sounds and pictures to show whomever may find it what Earth is all about.

What if the Voyager 1 eventually does find intelligent alien life way out in the cosmos?

And what if they... actually kind of suck?

Luckily this is a question none of us have to ponder, because the latest creation from comedy duo Chris & Jack has all the answers. In this hilarious sketch, the aliens who make contact with Earth in response to Voyager 1 aren’t... quite what everyone was expecting. Much like your college roommate in freshman year, these guys just want to be your best buds, and definitely need to take their enthusiasm about it down a dial or two. Or three. And, also like your first college roommate, what they lack in personal boundaries they make up for in fart jokes.

Although Chris & Jack’s body of work has covered everything from how villains workshop their monologues before the secret agent arrives to the inevitable hostile robot takeover, two things you can always expect from them are fantastic writing and award-worthy performances. According to them they improvised as these aliens for half a day, and the dedication shows.

Clear out some time in your day, because this 7-and-a-half minute video is one you’re gonna want to watch more than once.

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