2020 Sketches That Kept Us Going

We all need a laugh to end this godforsaken year

Well, here we are, the end of December, another year has come and gone. There were highs, there were lows, and lows, and lows, and there were even more lows. I don’t know where you’re from or what exactly your year entailed, but what I do know, and what we can all agree on as absolute fact, is 2020 sucked. Like, it fucking suuuuuuucked, dude. Remember when we all thought 2016 was the worst year? HA! If only, am I right?

Fortunately, this year was also peppered with some truly wonderful comedy. Whether providing commentary and criticism on the slew of political failings, satirical looks at life in quarantine, or blissful moments of escape from anything to do with the pandemic, comedians and creators in the digital sphere have played a huge role in keeping our spirits up and keeping us sane by keeping us laughing.

This is by no means a complete list, because there’s just been too much great shit created this past year for one writer (me) to mention and for one person (you) to be bombarded with in one article. These are twenty sketches and videos that made this complete nightmare of a year brighter for us and we wanted to share with all of you, so that we can bid good-fucking-bye to 2020 in a way we all deserve: with a shit ton of laughs.

Conservative Lecturer

Jeremy Levick and Rajat Suresh nail everything about right-wing pundits and mouthpieces to such a scarily perfect degree that even Ben Shapiro would be like, “This is my type of guy right here”

Real Aliens

Jeff Wright not only answers the question, “What would meeting aliens actually be like?” But also, “What if aliens also had perfect comedic timing?”

Vote Counter

Meg Stalter embodies the kind of vote counter the Trump administration has been trying for months to prove exists, and it’s honestly a little shocking they didn’t try to use this sketch as video evidence in court

Ending a Zoom Call

Niccole Thurman forces us to face the devastating reality that, yes, this is what we all look like when we’re trying to end a video conference and, yes, we all look dumb as shit

White Celebrity Activism

Caleb Hearon gives us everything that white A-list celebrities have throughout this horrible pandemic: absolutely nothing!

A Black Person Maintaining a “Professional Demeanor” After Racist Bullshit

Pro tip, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of what Ryan Ken is delivering here, you need to figure out what the fuck racist bullshit you just spewed, apologize, and then mute yourself for the rest of the call for everyone’s sake


This sketch by Haley Kosan has everything. Intrigue, suspense, and most importantly, commitment to the bit

... Meatier?!


is this too soon...? IB climaxximus on twitter #fyp #dinosaur ThatsHot #DinnerWithMe #MorningCheer

♬ original sound - Eliza Petersen

Eliza Petersen shows how the dinosaurs were really wiped out and the importance of getting everything in writing

Four Seasons Total Landscaping

The country has been dying to know how exactly Rudy Giuliani’s infamous (and disastrous) press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping (and not the hotel) came to be, and while we may never know for sure, Christine Nangle’s guess is probably pretty close

No USPS is Good, Actually

Eva Victor walks us through the kind of batshit mental gymnastics the GOP and its staunch supporters went through to justify gutting the United States Postal Service. You should stretch beforehand

Getting Shwasted at Virtual Happy Hour

Did we feature Ryan Ken in this roundup twice? Yes! Because he deserves it! This is a masterclass in how to act drunk while sober, but unfortunately what we all need is a masterclass in how to act sober while sloshed over Zoom

Super Platonic Recipe

Although this is just a sketch, Grace Kuhlenschmidt has proved that there is not near enough deeply personal and uncomfortable interactions involved in Tik Tok cooking videos

The Straight Wedding Best Man

This is supposed to be satire, but we would be lying if we all didn’t admit to ourselves that we have all heard this exact best man speech. The only thing Caleb Hearon included that’s actually far-fetched is the TV remote microphone. (Far-fetched but not impossible)

Boston Moms Talk Black Friday

I know Alyssa Limperis’ New England mom is just a character but listen, she’s real to me, and it was a goddamn delight to be witness to her holiday talk with fellow certified Boston mom Chelsea Frei. Hey, just because there’s a pandemic doesn’t mean there ain’t a lot of stuff goin’ on

We All Slept on Klobuchar

Chris Fleming proves two things, 1. Politicians should all have wine bottles strapped to their hands because it’s just easier to become captivated by what they’re saying, and 2. He should be Amy Klobuchar. Thank you, Senator

Tried Telling My Roommates I Have COVID

Hey, man, who among us hasn’t been in the awkward position of trying to break some less-than-cool news to your roommates. Martin Herlihy shows that even the news that you’ve tested positive for a deadly infectious disease during a pandemic can be handled the same way as anything else! By nervous laughter and being as passive as possible. (Just kidding do not do this, no one is saying to do this)


You know what this pandemic calls for? A super fun parody theme song and the crushing weight of trying to sustain your own housing! Cole Hersch gets it

Liberal Politicians Having Fun Online

Is Kylie Brakeman an actual politician? No, but the way she has completely mastered the emphatic clapping-after-every-word and feigning outrage instead of actually doing anything honestly had me fooled

FaceTiming with OJ Simpson

Steven Castillo does the impossible here, which is taking a twitter video from OJ Simpson trying to weigh in on topical shit like true crime doc-series without a hint of irony and not only make them palatable, but funny as hell

Dancer Boy

Parker Seaman takes us on one man’s journey to become an elite dancer after taking his friend’s lighthearted criticism of his moves way, way too much to heart

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