There’s A Petition For Danny DeVito To Play Wolverine So Drop Everything And Sign It

Danny Devito as the Wolverine? Yes, please. | Screen grab from change.org

I need this. WE need this.

Originally published 21 May 2019

Gandhi never actually said “be the change you want to see in the world” but a whole crop of inspirational posters in dental offices and coffee mugs have, and regardless of who coined that phrase, the sentiment is what matters. Getting involved and championing causes is so important. Causes that really, truly matter. Causes that will make the world a better place.

Causes like getting Danny DeVito to be the next Wolverine.

He’s played every type of character under the sun.

He’s been villains

He’s been doctors

He’s been a very serious world renowned art critic


So it’s only logical that the next iconic role he takes on is a complex, tortured hero like Wolverine. It’s either that or Hamlet. And rather than wait for this guaranteed blockbuster to be made, a very proactive fan decided to take matters into his own hands and create a petition to speed things along.

As of this moment, the petition is about a thousand signatures short of it’s goal. But considering how incredibly amazing this idea is it shouldn’t take long to pass it.

Everyone, please, together we can make this happen. We NEED Danny DeVito Wolverine. We DESERVE Danny DeVito Wolverine. Sign the petition now and let’s make this beautiful dream a reality.


We know that Danny DeVito has what it takes to be the next Wolverine, but only Hugh Jackman can unite the mutants and put on the greatest show the world has ever seen, because Hugh Jackman is the Greatest Logan.

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