Finally You Can Wear Your Own ‘Friends’ Thanksgiving Turkey

It’s definitely a fashion statement

Originally published 15 October 2019

Thanksgiving is definitely not a holiday known for its extremely elaborate decorations or fanciful costumes, but this year you could be the one to start a new tradition in your family or friend group. Or make everyone you enjoy Thanksgiving with severely uncomfortable and ask questions like, “You sure you’re okay?” But hey, either way it’s gonna be a memorable year.

Just when we thought that the hit 90’s sitcom Friends had finally exhausted it’s time in the spotlight and that we’d finally seen everything, the online retailer Firebox is here to prove us all wrong. For better or worse.

Remember the one where Monica wears that giant turkey with comically large sunglasses on her head for Thanksgiving? Of course you do. We all do. It’s all into our brains forever, and now you can pay homage to that particular episode in the most fitting way possible.

You can wear your own turkey with comically large sunglasses.

(It’s not a real turkey, don’t worry. Although you can still do this with a real turkey if you want to, we’re not gonna stop you, but we’re not gonna encourage it either.)

You can get this delectably chic(k), Thanksgiving-ready look on Firebox for $37.99, and the description promises to “guarantee accidental confessions of love” but I still think that’s a job best completed by too much Thanksgiving wine.

And, if you really, really want to, you can complete your turkey attire with this heated “huggable” stuffed Friends plush turkey.

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