Turns Out TikTok Isn’t JUST For Hot People - Comedians Are On There Too (And SUCCEEDING!!)

Trust me - I’m just as shocked as you are!

Okay, sure - there are a lot of successful “hot people” with content lacking substance on TikTok - but let’s not act like this issue is exclusive to TikTok. This is a problem on every platform.

However - the cool thing about TikTok is that it is still a relatively new platform, which means creators have a unique opportunity to go viral and grow an audience. And guess what? Not only have hot people discovered this and become successful on TikTok, but so have comedians!! YAY!!!

To celebrate this, I wanted to feature the three funniest accounts I came across this week: Kris Collins, Alex Collyard and Vanessa Simeon.

Kris Collins • 7.2M followers (@kallmekris)


This is why I don’t take phone calls in front of my mother.

♬ original sound - Kris HC

If you like Kristen Wigg and Tina Fey, you’re going to want to start binging Kris’ content ASAP. She is delightfully funny - doing sketches that reminisce on awkward childhood memories, the funny moments within parent-child relationships, and content that was adored by Gen Z and Millennials. Is there an age minimum for working at Saturday Night Live? I hope not - because they’d be lucky to have her.

The thing sisters fight about the most

When your Mom makes you order pizza delivery for the first time

When you’re in the shower and need a backup singer

Alex Collyard • 127k followers (@alexcollyard)


POV: you’re talking to a socialist that was written by a Republican #socialism #republican

♬ original sound - Bi Thot

Political humor is never easy to do, but Alex Collyard executes it ✨flawlessly.✨ The cool thing about Alex - even though his humor is pretty spicy, he doesn’t make jokes just to get a reaction or to say the most edgy/quotable/viral thing - he bases his humor in truth and isn’t afraid to be silly with it, which makes his (what could be polarizing) political humor extremely relatable and funny. Though we are living in a country and political climate that is becoming harder and harder to make fun of, Alex’s humor finds a way to satirize current events hilariously AND without downplaying the seriousness of whatever he’s covering. Hey Daily Show - if you’re looking to add another corespondent to your team, Alex is your guy.

“All lives matter”

Setting the mood

Trump’s plight with COVID-19

Vanessa Simeon • 3.5M followers (@vflow_xo)


sO yALL DONT wEAR mAsKs iN hErE ? #karen

♬ original sound - Vanessa Simeon

They say if you’re truly a great comedian, you can work with anyone and create successful comedy - and Vanessa Simeon is living proof of this. Vanessa works at a convenience store in the Midwest and recruits her everyday customers to help her make extremely viral and funny sketches. She makes moments from everyday life extraordinarily funny. Why doesn’t she have a Snapchat show? (Or a show in general!) We need to change this.

Why it’s called a CONVENIENCE store

Reminding customers to wear masks

When you tell a customer not to bring their pet into the store

Note: the Center of Disease Control recommends that people wear masks in public settings and when around people who don’t live in your household, especially when other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain. For more information on how to protect yourself and other against COVID-19, please review the CDC’s social distancing guidelines: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover-guidance.html

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