This Girl’s Birthday Party Theme Was ‘The Nun’ And I’m Losing My Mind

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When you’re a kid there’s pretty much nothing as fun and exciting as your own birthday party. You get to have all of your friends in one place, you get to eat a crap load of sugar in every form it can possibly take, you get PRESENTS, and best of all, you get to decide what kind of party it’s going to be. It’s your day! It’s all about what you want to do. Some kids go with things like laser tag or movies, some kids want magicians or bouncy castles, and some just want a party with a cool theme.

One of my childhood friends had Star Wars birthday parties for like, four years in a row. It got a little bit old, but hey, as long as the birthday kid is having fun that’s all that matters. I don’t know firsthand but I can guess that if you’re a parent, pulling off a great themed party can be kinda tricky. Especially if your son or daughter picks something that’s a little out of the norm — or straight up nightmarish.

Like, oh, I don’t know... AN ACTUAL HORROR MOVIE

 Courtesy of twitter/Andrea

Some three-year-olds are into Disney movies. Lucia is not one of those three-year-olds. Turning three is a big deal and she knew exactly how she wanted to celebrate: by throwing a party themed after her favorite movie, which she watched at her grandmother’s house.


 Courtesy of twitter/Andrea

While this is definitely, um, unconventional, you do have to admit...


The best part about this deeply unsettling birthday party — aside from the fact that her obviously super cool parents actually went with it — is that her friends were totally into it.

Please, parents of the world, throw your children more horror movie themed birthdays.

Originally published June 2019

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