‘Schitt’s Creek’ Season 6 Just Arrived To Netflix EARLY

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October 5 2020 update

Happy Monday, and what a happy Monday it is!

We know we told you that Schitt’s Creek 6th and final season would hit Netflix on October 7, and considering that’s in two days that’s still good news. But now we have even better news—

They released it early!

That’s right! Season 6 of Schitt’s Creek is available on Netflix RIGHT. NOW.

(This, but unironically.)

So, there you go. You might as well go ahead and call in sick for the rest of the week so you can enjoy this early gift from the Schitt’s Creek gods. Happy bingeing!

The 72nd Emmy Awards ceremony took place this past Sunday, and it wasn’t just any ol’ Emmys night. For starters, due to the coronavirus pandemic the night was run a little differently than previous years. Usually the Staples Center would be packed end-to-end with nominees and all sorts of celebrities, but in order to stay within social distancing guidelines and keep everyone safe, the only people in the audience were cardboard cutouts.

 YouTube screenshot | ABC

Well, cardboard cutouts and Jason Bateman, for a brief moment. Jason — it’s gotta be tough to be a solo audience, you did great, my man.

 YouTube screenshot | ABC

On a much happier note, this year’s ceremony was also a night of breaking records and making history. Schitt’s Creek swept up all seven comedy awards, as well as two Creative Arts Emmys last week, making it not only the most decorated Canadian comedy, but also breaking the record for most awards one for a single season by any show. Moira Rose was right, Awards truly is the best season.

The good news doesn’t just stop there, though! The day after Schitt’s Creek cleaned house at the Emmys, the long-awaited Netflix release date for the final (and clearly fantastic) season was announced. IT’S SOON. IT’S SO SOON.

Season six hits Netflix on October 7 — which is only two weeks away.

So mark your calendars, schedule a reminder (or five) in your phone, and while we wait, please enjoy this thoroughly wholesome supercut of Sarah Levy (Twyla) reacting to every Schitt’s Creek win.

First published September 2020

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