Downplaying COVID-19 & Drinking Bleach

On this episode of BEST PRESIDENCY EVER, we look back at when Trump suggested injecting bleach and other non-scientific ways to stop COVID, scheduled a rally in Tulsa on Juneteenth, and much much more!

Is Trump “technically” committing a crime against humanity when he knowingly spreads misinformation about a disease that’s killed over one million people? Eh, probably. But will he ever get charged for that crime? LOL - nah.

On this episode of BEST PRESIDENCY EVER, we review some the most dangerous things Trump and his administration have said and done so YOU can answer this question: did Trump become president to make the country a better place? Or is just a guy who wants power? (spoiler: it’s the latter - if he cared about our country, there wouldn’t +200K people dead from a preventable disease AND there wouldn’t be multiple programs - like this one - dedicated to showcasing his f*ck ups). Here are some highlights from the episode:


Trump making the American people wait for their stimulus checks... JUST SO HE COULD PUT HIS STUPID SIGNATURE ON IT.

Sure, people were late on rent, mortgage payments, and unable to afford the basic necessities to survive - but hey - it was all worth it because Trump got to put his signature on the stimulus check. Hooray!!


Trump giving COVID-19 racist nicknames

COVID-19, a preventable disease, has claimed over one million lives (and counting!). But please - keep making racist nicknames for the virus. I’m sure the families that have lost loved ones to COVID will find it hilarious.


Trump hosting an indoor political rally on JUNETEENTH and DURING A GLOBAL PANDEMIC

Like Black people haven’t been through enough...? The only silver lining: as a prank, Gen-Zers and K-Pop fans RSVP-ed to the event and didn’t show up - LOL. Because of this, the racist rally was massively under-attended.


This show looks at the funniest (and most disturbing) moments from the current presidency. Watch every episode here:




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