When Your Future Boss Calls Your Reference & Thinks It’s A Prank Phone Call

This is the most awkward job interview in cartoon history

Job interviews are always a little intimidating.

But for our cartoon buddy Denim (yes, that is really his name), scoring this job is going to be an uphill battle because his resume is trash and his potential boss is about to call his former employer as a reference and (spoiler) HIS FORMER EMPLOYER DOESN’T REMEMBER HIM. AHHH!!!

Fun fact: the entire exchange between Denim’s past and potential employers was created by Paul Louis Smith (director, writer and animator for this sketch) prank calling a random business and recording the call!

Oh boy, if you thought the resume was bad - the call with Denim’s previous employer is worse: not only does Denim’s former employer NOT remember him, but due to Denim’s unusual characteristics (unusual name, oddly short height, listing “waiting things out” as a his only hobby) Denim’s past employer thinks the entire call is a prank they’re being prank called and hangs up. AHHHHHH!!

Though things look bleak, somehow Denim lands the job!! Was it because his employer saw potential in Denim despite his personal and professional flaws? Or was it because his employer was not-so-secretly recording Denim’s butt for his personal “ass crack cleavage cam” collection?

Well... you’ll just have to watch to find out!



Directed, Written, Animated & Edited by:

Paul Louis Smith (@paulouismith)


Andrew Small (@sweetwaterjamdrew):

Margherita Blackfoot

Paul Louis Smith:

Denim / Gomber / Cyborg / Torrence Pinch

from Funny Or Die - All https://ift.tt/2FgQjvH

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