Trump May Have BANNED TikTok But The Comedy On The App Is Still BANGIN!

LOL, even an Executive Order from POTUS won’t stop these creators from making good comedy content!

Not to start off on a totally dark note, but I wish Trump cared as much about the pandemic as he does about TikTok.

So... Trump was able to successfully able to ban TikTok in 90 days (with no real evidence that TikTok is actually a national security threat), but we’re 7 months and 200K deaths into the pandemic and we STILL DON’T HAVE consistent testing or mandates that would protect us from MORE unnecessary deaths?

Cool beans.

Anyway, even though TikTok is getting “banned,” (see more about that at the bottom of the article!), the comedy is still bangin’, and I wanted to feature the three most bangin’ accounts I came across this week: Chris Olsen & Ian Paget, Manon Mathews, Leenda Dong, and Chris Olsen.

Chris Olsen & Ian Paget • 4.6M followers (@olsennchris & ianpaget_)

Chris’ Instagram | Ian’s Instagram | Chris & Ian on YouTube |

Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians is ending - I found the PERFECT people to fill the void: Ian Paget and Chris Olsen! This gay couple have their own separate TikTok accounts where and they go back and forth playing funny pranks on each other while (intentionally and unintentionally) showcasing their healthy relationship based in strong communication and trust. Honestly - these two getting a reality show is exactly what the world (and the LGBTQ+ peeps) need right now.

asking my boyfriend if “are you just going to sit around all day?”

“I just hit your car” challenge

“My mom is gonna be here in five minutes” prank

Manon Mathews • 1.1M Followers (@manonmathews)

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

Manon Mathews is so awkward, it’s funny. She started with awkward parodies of Bella from Twilight and has since then created incredibly-relatable, viral and (you guessed it) awkward sketch comedy that built her a huge following on virtually every platform. Psst - Saturday Night Live - why haven’t you cast her yet!?

When you’re in the middle of the saddest song but then it pauses

June & George: Pool Boy

Stand back from my pup

Leenda Dong • 869k followers (@yoleendadong)

Instagram | YouTube | Twitter

If you like Tosh.0 or Ridiculousness, then you’re going to ADORE Leenda Dong. She makes “dumb” viral clips hilarious with her sassy spot-on commentary. Occasionally, she will take a break from roasting viral clips to one-take skits that will make you laugh (and feel personally attacked). I can’t wait for her to get her own viral clip talk show.

the girl who got stuck in all of her shirts

you have to stop telling your friends you’re on the way

what a cute stingray - I hope nothing bad happens to it


So this weekend, yes, TikTok will be technically “banned” in the U.S. However, it isn’t that big of a deal (yet).

If you missed the last few articles, here’s a quick recap: Trump decided (without evidence) that TikTok was a national security threat because ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company) “could” give user data to China - which again, there is no evidence that this has (or will) happen, and TikTok has publicly stated it would not give data to China.

However, the Trump Administration found a legal loophole that has allowed them to ban TikTok on the basis that it “could” give data to China, and - without due process or evidence - Trump has made two Executive Orders:

  • The first order gave TikTok 90 days to be acquired by a U.S. company or the app would be “banned” - which means TikTok would no longer be available in the app store and unable to be updated. However, if you currently have TikTok downloaded, you will continue to be able to use TikTok normally.
  • If the first order wasn’t met, then the second Executive Order goes into effect: total shutdown of TikTok on November 12th, 2020.

Microsoft and Oracle made bids to acquire TikTok, and Oracle came out the winner.

So wait, why is TikTok still being banned on Sunday if it being acquired by a U.S. company?

Oracle submitted a proposal to the U.S. Treasury Department to partner with TikTok in the United States. However, they have yet to secure support from either Trump or Beijing, which means that until then, Trumps executive orders will proceed as planned.

Basically, the ban has been a likely unconstitutional way to quickly force TikTok (an app with over 800 million users and a net worth of over 78 billion dollars), to be acquired by a U.S. company, specifically Oracle, which is conveniently owned by one of Trump’s richest supporters: Larry Ellison. It feels (and looks) like this ban is less about avoiding a potential national security threat and more about Trump handing a very lucrative business to one of his friends.

If TikTok doesn’t comply with Trump’s demands (whether or not the terms of the deal are fair), TikTok loses everything. And if TikTok ends, it isn’t just “cringe” teen dancing videos that disappear: thousands of TikTok employees and TikTok creators will lose their income in the middle of a global pandemic.

So moving forward, one of three below things could happen, and I’ve listed them in order of what’s most (and least) likely to happen:

  • Oracle acquires ByteDance and proves to the Trump Administration that TikTok is no longer a ‘potential national security threat” (p.s. Oracle and Trump obviously wants TikTok to continue being profitable because, it’ll make them $$$)
  • ByteDance rejects the acquisition in hopes that they win their current lawsuit against the Trump Administration (if TikTok wins the lawsuit, the Executive Orders and ban would be ruled unconstitutional and be blocked)
  • ByteDance and Oracle are unable to come to an agreement that satisfies the Trump Administration’s national security concerns, and the app is shut down on November 12th.

Cool beans (I guess).


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