Say, Did You Remember It’s The 21 Of September? THIS GUY DID

YouTube screenshot | Demi Adejuyigbe

This is the best day of the year

Today might not be an officially recognized holiday, or even a stupid made up holiday like National Hot Dog Day (which, by the way, enough), but it is a most holiday day indeed. In case you haven’t checked your calendars yet or you’re just uncultured, it’s September 21. Otherwise known as...

The twentY-first ooooof Sep-tem-BA

Earth, Wind & Fire Day, babyyyyyyy!

And, honestly, bumping “September” on repeat is the only thing that has given me even a crumb of serotonin this whole year. Well, actually, that and Demi Adejuyigbe.

Demi is a comedian, one-third of the show Everything’s Great!, and a screenwriter on The Good Place, among other shows. Evidently, he is ridiculously funny and talented. Since 2016, every year on this date he’s been releasing videos of himself dancing to his own remix of the song that cuts the whole thing down to only the parts that say, “The twenty-first of September,” while wearing a grey t-shirt that also says September 21. Listen, when you have to explain it it doesn’t sound that great, but it is. It is so, so great.

Each September video became more complicated and more of a production than the last, with this year’s (video number five) truly outdoing all the rest. The balloons! The costume change!

He literally put “September 21” on a billboard, got on a truck, and shot confetti out of a trombone! OUT OF A TROMBONE!

Watch the rest below!

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