Ryan Reynolds Releases Giant Bottle Of Gin For Homeschooling Parents

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I’ll take five

We’re through September, officially into autumn, and you know what that means! It’s back to school time. Although kids going back into classrooms after months off is usually a joyous time for parents, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a fat wrench into that for a lot of folks. Whether your kids are doing entirely virtual learning or a hybrid of virtual and in-class school a couple days a week, the reality is the same — this is not your average school year.

And then, on top of all that, parents still have to deal with the standard headaches that come with kids returning to school. Namely, trying to help with homework. There’s really nothing that simultaneously inflicts damage to both your brain and your ego like trying to do elementary and middle school homework in front of your kid. When the fuck did fractions become so hard? They definitely made fractions harder. “Mitosis vs meiosis”? This is a trick question, I’m like 90% sure those are the same thing. No I don’t know what either of them means but trust me, they’re the same thing and this is a bullshit question.

Usually parents could at least brace until their kids came home from school to begin the mental and emotional gymnastics that is helping with homework, but now that school is at home and work is at home, you’re there for questioning 24/7.

Good. God.

Luckily, Ryan Reynolds has come up with just the thing to help. It’s not a calculator, it’s not a textbook, it’s something much better. It’s a big fuckin’ bottle of gin. Ryan announced this new product from his gin company, Aviation, today. It’s called Aviation Gin: Homeschool Edition, and it boasts a number of great features, like it’s big! And it’s gin! And it’s big.

Which, honestly, is a compelling enough argument for me. Cheers, parents.

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