EMMY Snub: Gulliver’s Menagerie

It is totally unacceptable that Emmy voters have ignored Gulliver’s Menagerie once again.

Hey everyone, the Emmys are almost here, and once again they snubbed the greatest show on television: Gulliver’s Menagerie.

Gulliver’s Menagerie just aired it’s eighth and final season on the brand new streaming platform Goowa Platinum. It’s a really shame that Emmy voters looked past Matt Smith’s moving performance as Gulliver, a time traveling salesman who collects the secrets of the gods to sell to the highest bidder. Off the bat, you could tell this was going to be the grittiest season ever because the trailer featured an image with the Statue of Liberty, but her face was upside down.

The standout episode of the season was obviously the flashback episode where Cthulhu gave Gulliver his time machine as a thank you for Gulliver’s help in finding him a therapist. In a nod to the current political climate, the season starts with every character reading George Orwell’s 1984, so for the rest of the season, whenever something bad happens they just say, “whoa this is just like George Orwell’s 1984.”

There certainly should have been a nomination for best guest actor when Jason Bateman appeared in Gulliver’s Menagerie as his character from Ozark. How could Emmy voters not be moved by Jennette McCurdy’s immortal seamstress Betsy Ross, as she attempts to stop her husband, the titan, Kronos, played by Chris Tucker and his relentless obsession with Gulliver so she could finally get taken out to dinner once in a while?

And even though this season was packed with action, it also made time for love. Like when Bryan Cranston’s fan favorite character the spaceship centaur, Tommy Rocket had only 90 days to get married after traveling to the US on his K1 visa. And showrunner, Elias Hickbee, bravely tackled TV’s last taboo, Crohn’s disease by giving Gulliver a robotic ass so he could better process his diseased shits.

This season had us on the edge of our seat, straight through the pulse pounding finale when Gulliver stopped a meteor from crashing into Earth by storing it in the trunk of his time machine.

So I say this to the entire Television Academy: please change your mind and add Gulliver’s Menagerie as a last minute nomination in all categories, considering this is the last season due to the entire cast and crew dying in a freak craft services accident. It would be disrespectful to their memories and to fans of the show to not recognize the brutal, space odyssey, rom-com, period drama, true crime, epic fantasy that is Gulliver’s Menagerie.


Starring: Sarah Sherman

Written by Lauren Thomas and Grace Thomas

Directed by Grace Thomas

Edited by David Brown

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