Watch Jack Black Shave His Entire Quarantine-Do And Enjoy 5 Minutes Of Peace


I don’t know why this was so soothing but I’ll take it

Two equally scientific and equally important theories on time say that 1. It’s relative, and 2. It flies when you’re having fun. We know both to be definitively true, and we know there’s a direct correlation, because 2020 has been the longest decade ever, and it’s sucked major ass this whole fucking time. Everything is bad, but you don’t need me to tell you that. We all know. The west side of this country is on fire, the east is about to be hit by the first double hurricane in history, and we’re on the brink of becoming a totalitarian police state run by a guy who thinks windmills cause cancer. That’s where we’re at right now.


It’s easy to become overwhelmed (I don’t think my resting heart rate has dipped any lower than that of a coked-out rabbit since March) and while it’s extremely important to be vigilant, know what’s going on, and learn how you can be involved, it’s also important to take a moment for yourself, and breathe.

You could meditate, or, OR! You could do something equally therapeutic and recharging for the soul. You could watch over five minutes of Jack Black cutting off all of his quarantine locks with the help of his son. It’s your choice.

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Actor, Musician, Comedian, and all around rad dude Jack Black sits down to chat about his IMDb page to see just how much of his film career he can still remember.

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