Well, it looks like TikTok (probably) isn’t going to get banned!! Woo! SUCK IT TRUMP!

To celebrate, I wanted to spotlight the three funniest accounts I came across this week: Adam Waheed, Drew Talbert and Mary-Alice Farina.

When I got the go-ahead to start writing this series, my boss had concerns that we wouldn’t be able to find three new TikTok comedy creators to feature every week. I wasn’t worried because - TikTok has over 500 million active users!

Even if I wrote about three different TikTokers every week for the rest of my life (which I’m totally down to do!), I still wouldn’t have given the spotlight to all the incredible and deserving comedy creators on this app. However, for as long as I can, I’m going to feature the content creators that are going viral on TikTok today so that when they become big names in the mainstream comedy community, you’ll be able to say, “Hey - I knew about [INSERT PERSON] before they were big.”

*P.S. the TikTok ban update has now permanently moved to the bottom of the article. Scroll down for that!

Adam Waheed • 8.9M followers (@adamw)


When u try to check out @anwar #comedy #foryou

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If you like Jim Carrey, you will love Adam Waheed. There’s a reason this dude has almost 9 million followers: he is basically a walking daily under-a-minute sketch show. Adam makes consistently funny content that blows everyday situations hilariously out of proportion. He started on Vine, continued on Instagram, blew up on TikTok, and will continue to be wildly successful on any platform he pursues.

Trying to park when there’s too many parking restrictions

When u can’t understand anything through a mask

When you can’t get comfortable at night

Drew Talbert • 332K followers (@drew_talbert)

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If you’ve ever worked in the service industry, been to a restaurant, eaten food, or just want to be entertained: Drew Talbert is for you. Drew puts an incredible amount of work into each of his videos: the green-screening, the wigs, the costume changes, the number of restaurant-related characters he plays so accurately - and it TOTALLY pays off because he has some of the funniest (and most viral) dining-related content on the internet. Outside of his TikTok fame, he is also a teacher at The Groundlings (fun fact: my boss Will Ferrell was a student there!!).

How cooks will answer your questions based off of who you are & what you look like

How waiters subtily get customers to leave who’ve overstayed their welcome

Lies waiters tell when they forget to ring your order in

Mary-Alice Farina • 37K Followers (@itsmemaf)

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It is honestly refreshing to see white people calling out other white people on their bad behavior, and Mary-Alice Farina does it hilariously and flawlessly. She either imitates white people in positions of power to expose how discriminatory (both subtly and overtly) these persons can be, or she impersonates iconic characters to brutally roast white people’s flawed logic and actions.

Boss talking to their one black employee

Wasp mom reacts to Harvard closing their campus due to COVID

What white women be like when talking about social justice

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So if you didn’t think 2020 could get weirder, it just did:

  • Walmart is partnering with Microsoft to potentially acquire TikTok. Oracle is still pursuing TikTok, and Trump has publicly endorsed the sale - likely because, Larry Ellison, one of Trump’s biggest (and richest) supporters owns the company. It’s “funny” how Trump tried to ban TikTok for being a “national security threat,” but is now happily endorsing the app be sold to one of his friends. I smell bullshit and greed all over this.

  • TikTok is officially suing the Trump Administration! The company is arguing that the ban was unconstitutional, denied them due process, and the Trump Administration ignored the enormous amount of information that TikTok provided demonstrating the security of user data. Oh, and another fun fact - Trump made this executive order without proof that TikTok was a national security threat or giving user information to China.

  • TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer abruptly left the company (he was excluded from deal talks & also... TikTok has been through a lot since he started three months ago... so, I get it. I wouldn’t want his job either at this point either).

What it all means: It seems like TikTok is probably safe from getting banned now that TikTok has multiple interested buyers... but we also still don’t know what any of these companies will do with the app once the acquisition happens. Things seem more hopeful than they did a few weeks ago.


We’ll update you more as the story develops! #lawsuit #executiveorder

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